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    The Ryan Gosling Bathroom Is Totally A Real Thing

    And it's remarkable.

    Behold the Ryan Gosling bathroom:

    It's a shrine-slash-stall located in a San Diego restaurant that is appropriately called Bang Bang.

    Ladies come from far and away to raise their hands in worship at the altar:

    To whisper sweet nothings into Ryan's ear:

    To reach out and caress him:

    To stand boldly (bravely?) by his side:

    To say, "Shh, Ryan. Say it with your eyes instead."

    Or to simply take in the walls of perfection around them:

    O hai Shay Mitchell.

    The Gosling shrine lies in the far corner of the women's restroom...

    (And there are other themed stalls โ€” like one dedicated to Hello Kitty and another to fortune cookies โ€” but let's be honest, WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE.)

    But men will shamelessly sneak their way in too...

    Letting nothing stand in the way of their quest to gaze longingly at The Gos.

    ~Gaze on~


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