20 Times Our Readers Were Total Pros In The Kitchen

We’re coming over for dinner, OK?

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the Tasty creations they’ve been making in their kitchens.

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And you guys delivered! Below are 20 of our homemade favorites, along with links to the recipes and videos.

Want to be featured in a future reader roundup? Tag your photos with #ThanksTasty (or upload them at the bottom of this post) and let us know which of our recipes you’re making.

1. This bakery-worthy Cinnamon Sugar Bread Braid:

@fantasticfoodfun / instagram.com

2. These bite-size Frozen Yogurt Granola Cups:

@shannxo93 / instagram.com

@shannxo93 / instagram.com


3. And these crunchy Muffin Tin Taco Cups:

@freakingmuse / instagram.com

4. These glazed Honey BBQ Wings:

@nadyushka24 / instagram.com

5. This breakfast of champions — complete with a Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake:

@hgreen90 / instagram.com

7. These ~feisty~ Taco-Stuffed Peppers:

@nadouunevieensomme / instagram.com

9. This magical Cotton Candy Cocktail:

@nicolakatherin / instagram.com

11. This perfect-for-summer Shrimp and Avocado Salad:

@tararhymeswithsarah / instagram.com

12. This impressive brunch, featuring Cream Cheese Banana Bread Muffins:

Rachel Shah / facebook.com

13. These loaded BBQ Chicken Nachos:

Danielle Thomson / facebook.com

14. This deliciously layered Black & White Mille Crepe:

Misha Mehta / facebook.com

Misha Mehta / facebook.com


17. This game-changing Ice Cream Churro Bowl:

Brenda Anne Philip / facebook.com

18. This date-night-worthy Meatball Sub Bake:

@mrssilvaaa / instagram.com

19. These glorious Steak and Potato Nachos:

Madeline Gall / facebook.com

Tag us with #ThanksTasty on Instagram or Twitter — or share your photo in the comments below, along with the recipe link — for a chance to be featured in a future post!

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