This Mom Built Her Kid A Target & Starbucks Playroom (And It's Amazing)

    Kinda want this in my apartment, TBH.

    As any toddler parent knows, kids LOVE going to the store.

    And recently, Milwaukee mom Renèe Doby-Becht decided to surprise her 3-year-old by DIY'ing a kid-sized version of her favorite store: Target!

    And I mean, just LOOK at this thing:

    The DETAIL.

    The custom name tag. 😊

    Even the clearance rack!

    Renèe also didn't forget what's arguably the most crucial thing for fellow parental shoppers: The Starbucks INSIDE Target.

    She built that too. 👇

    Peek at these lil' DIY drinks:

    And while the whole thing looks super elaborate, Renèe says she kept costs down by upcycling big items, scouring for discounts, and asking for help from friends and family.

    For example, the base of the Target setup is this Melissa & Doug grocery store.

    Renèe repainted it red, and with the help of her graphic designer sister, used a Cricut to make the Target decals.

    For Starbucks, Renèe repurposed a cubed storage unit she already had. A handy pal helped attach cheap laminate flooring to the front.

    Even the baked goods are a refurbished version of this coffee and pastry set.

    The end result? A retail combo that any toddler could probably spend hours in.

    Happy shopping!