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    Here's The Deal With Target's New $5 Sangria

    :: opens up the group text ::

    Listen, friends. It's the weekend — and it's summer. Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

    Sound the alarm because Target recently launched a new permanent addition to their $5 wine line...

    🚨IT'S SANGRIA. 🚨

    The sangria officially hit shelves a few weeks ago — but it's been tough to find at times, because apparently, the stuff is pretty popular.

    @Target why did I have to play seek and go find SO DESPERATELY to find the California Roots Sangria?!? Plz make moreeee

    FWIW, I can confirm: When I first went to my local Target to try a grab a bottle, they were sold out. (Of *just* the sangria, not the other wines in the line.)

    But because I believe in doing the hard work* for you, I eventually tracked down a bottle to taste. I wanted to see if it was worthy of its sold out status — or if it was all hype.

    Couple things right off the bat: The wine is: 1) 11% ABV, 2) A red blend of several wines including Zinfandel, Syrah, and Merlot, and 3) Best over ice.

    First impressions? It's pretty sweet. Definitely drinkable, but like the bottle says, better over ice — which helps mellow out the sweetness.

    For a more complete review, I also enlisted a dude's* opinion. He said it tasted like "drunk Hawaiian Punch." 😎

    And like I said, people seem to like it!

    Or at least, appreciate its ~effect~.

    it may be the $5 target sangria but i just finished the office for the third time and i am crying


    We both agreed that if you toned down the sweetness by mixing in something tart — like a grapefruit seltzer, or crushed berries, or lots of fresh lime — it would def make for a solid outdoor summer drink.

    You could then toss in your fave liquor if you want to get the alcohol level back up. (A clean tequila would be good!)

    What's your favorite budget wine? Share in the comments!🍷