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Updated on Jun 17, 2019. Posted on Jun 26, 2018

What's The Best Street Food You've Ever Had?

Eat the whole world.

Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

One of the absolute best parts of traveling is the food. Especially the street food.


They're the ready-to-eat snacks or meals that local vendors serve up at street corners, parks, or open-air markets. Street specialties may differ all over the world, but they're almost all portable, inexpensive, and totally worth the wait.

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Like gua bao — pillowy pork belly buns — in Taiwan:

Or zapiekanka — open-faced sandwiches topped with melted cheese — in Poland.

Or fresh fruit with chili powder in Mexico City:

Or Doner kebab in Berlin:

Or bunny chow — hollowed-out bread filled with curry — in South Africa.

Or bubble waffles stuffed with ice cream in Hong Kong:

So we want to know: What does street food look like where you are? What's the best street food you've ever eaten on your travels? 🌍

Share in the comments below — along with a photo, if you have — and you might be featured on Tasty and BuzzFeed!