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    21 Second-Day Hairstyle Tutorials

    Or third day, or fourth day...

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Irrelephant via Once Wed / / Extra Petite /

    1. Tuck and cover with an elastic headband:

    Hello Natural /

    Full tutorial here.

    2. Or ditch the headband and loop your ponytail through for a no-fuss updo:

    Yoga By Candace /
    Yoga By Candace /

    Just add a bobby pin or two to secure any loose ends. More info here.

    3. Tease your roots all around for an easy second-day refresh:

    Camille Styles /

    Directions here.

    (Also — switch up your part, too:)

    Michelle Phan /

    This will give you a cleaner slate + (ideally!) a bit more volume if yesterday's style settled in. Video here, and more hacks for bad hair days here.

    4. Thick, textured hair? Separate the bangs for quick volume at the crown:

    Loxa Beauty /

    Directions here.

    5. Boost day-old roots by sweeping them up and pushing them back:

    Cosmopolitan /
    Cosmopolitan /

    Find this and other styles at Cosmopolitan.

    6. Toss your hair into a top knot — then teeease:

    Kouture Kiss /

    High times. 💁 Tutorial here.

    7. Or pull your hair around a donut ring + wrap an easy twist around its base:

    Join the Mood /
    Join the Mood /

    Donuts saving the day, as usual. Step-by-step here.

    8. Know that it's possible to bring second-day curls back to life:

    Hair Romance /

    Learn how here.

    9. For subtle waves, apply dry shampoo the night before, then sleep in a messy top knot:

    Meg O. on the Go /
    Meg O. on the Go /

    Easiest overnight style ever. More info here.

    10. Dress up a simple ponytail by teasing the crown:

    Keiko Lynn /

    Teeeeny tiny ponytail FTW. Directions here.

    11. Or add extra volume with the help of velcro and spin pins:

    Extra Petite /

    More info and step-by-step video here.

    12. If teasing's not your thing, double up on ponytails:

    The How To Mom /

    To make it look cohesive, use a thinner band to pull your hair into half-up/half-down. Then use a regular elastic to tie the second ponytail over it. Full how-to here.

    A similar trick also works if you have thin or really layered hair:

    Divine Caroline /
    Divine Caroline /

    Though this one's less about volume, and more about making sure those shorter layers stay put. More info here.

    13. Quickly refresh curls with an easy mix of water + leave-in conditioner:

    The Beauty Department /

    Good as new. Complete directions here, and more curly hair hacks here.

    14. To disguise greasy roots, braid your crown straight back:

    Ma Nouvelle Mode /

    More info here.

    15. You can also pull the braid forward and to the side:

    Lauren Zaser /

    Find this and several other hairstyle ideas here.

    16. Or up and over:

    Twist Me Pretty /
    Twist Me Pretty /
    Twist Me Pretty /

    Loosen it slightly for a thicker braid that'll cover oily roots in a flash. Video here.

    17. If you curled your hair the day before, twist the front section into a victory roll:

    Overtone /
    Overtone /

    How-to here.

    18. Or add a twist to the back:

    PopSugar /

    Tutorial at PopSugar.

    19. Long, thin hair? Pin, twist, and tuck away into a low bun:

    Irrelephant via Once Wed /

    A pair of bobby pins and you're good to go. Directions here, and more bobby pin hairstyles here.

    20. Or try an over-the-shoulder four-strand braid:

    Bobby Glam /

    Easier than a fishtail. Step-by-step video here.

    21. Slick it back:

    Justin Coit for Byrdie /

    Tutorial here.

    And if all else fails? Reach for the Trinity:

    @ScouseBirdProbs / Instagram: @scousebirdprobs

    You got this. 😎