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    21 Second-Day Hairstyle Tutorials

    Or third day, or fourth day...

    1. Tuck and cover with an elastic headband:

    2. Or ditch the headband and loop your ponytail through for a no-fuss updo:

    Just add a bobby pin or two to secure any loose ends. More info here.

    3. Tease your roots all around for an easy second-day refresh:

    (Also — switch up your part, too:)

    4. Thick, textured hair? Separate the bangs for quick volume at the crown:

    5. Boost day-old roots by sweeping them up and pushing them back:

    Find this and other styles at Cosmopolitan.

    6. Toss your hair into a top knot — then teeease:

    7. Or pull your hair around a donut ring + wrap an easy twist around its base:

    Donuts saving the day, as usual. Step-by-step here.

    8. Know that it's possible to bring second-day curls back to life:

    9. For subtle waves, apply dry shampoo the night before, then sleep in a messy top knot:

    Easiest overnight style ever. More info here.

    10. Dress up a simple ponytail by teasing the crown:

    11. Or add extra volume with the help of velcro and spin pins:

    12. If teasing's not your thing, double up on ponytails:

    A similar trick also works if you have thin or really layered hair:

    Though this one's less about volume, and more about making sure those shorter layers stay put. More info here.

    13. Quickly refresh curls with an easy mix of water + leave-in conditioner:

    14. To disguise greasy roots, braid your crown straight back:

    15. You can also pull the braid forward and to the side:

    16. Or up and over:

    Loosen it slightly for a thicker braid that'll cover oily roots in a flash. Video here.

    17. If you curled your hair the day before, twist the front section into a victory roll:

    How-to here.

    18. Or add a twist to the back:

    19. Long, thin hair? Pin, twist, and tuck away into a low bun:

    20. Or try an over-the-shoulder four-strand braid:

    21. Slick it back:

    And if all else fails? Reach for the Trinity: