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    21 Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations From Around The World

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    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best international couples' vacation they've ever taken — and for many of them, it was their honeymoon. Below are their across-the-globe answers. Happy travels!

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    1. Explore all that Greece has to offer by starting in Athens and making your way to Santorini.

    Flickr: pedrosz

    My husband and I recently took our bucket list trip to Greece to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We did Athens, Rhodes, and Santorini. A highlight was Dinner In The Sky in Athens. You're lifted 40 feet into the air, strapped into your seat, and then you have dinner overlooking the city at sunset. It was amazing! I'll never forget the romance, hospitality, history, culture, food and beauty we experienced there. —DBSS

    2. Go off the grid on Lundy Island in the UK's Bristol Channel.

    Flickr: geographyalltheway_photos

    There's no WiFi, no phone signal, no TV, and no radio. Just stunning scenery and spending time with the one you love. —Celia

    3. Travel across Africa by rail.

    Rodney Ee / Via Flickr: 11642572@N06

    "We took the Rovos Rail from South Africa to Victoria Falls, travelled by bus across Zambia, and went on safari through Tanzania. The most magical experience was spending New Year's Eve at the Ngorongoro crater. That night, there was an epic thunder and lighting storm, and we sat above it watching the stars." —Sally Grace Hoskins, via Facebook

    4. Split your time between beautiful beaches and amazing eats in Krabi, Thailand.

    Flickr: bankinbremen

    It's absolutely gorgeous. Lots of things to do or you can just stay in the hotel and enjoy the pool and view. Plus, Thai food is delicious. Everything you want for a trip with your special person, all rolled into one place. —Amber

    5. Channel some magic in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Flickr: steven_mccaig

    "We spent three days in Edinburgh. Stayed at The Glasshouse, had a wonderful meal at The Witchery, and even went to the midnight showing of the final Harry Potter film. It was perfect." —Emma

    6. Backpack all over Japan.


    We packed our hiking bags and backpacked all over Japan for a month, staying in Japanese ryokens and eating our weight in sushi. The trip was made even better by the fact that we got engaged on our very first day! —Ruby

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    7. Dip in to one of Iceland's natural springs.

    Flickr: zokuga

    Reykjavik is a super fun city and there is truly breathtaking scenery pretty much everywhere. The honeymoon highlight had was our dip in a natural spring. Blue Lagoon is the most popular, but there are plenty of others. There's nothing more relaxing or romantic than a hot soak in a geothermal pool! —Kimberly

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    8. Go to Venice, Italy in the off-season — you'll feel like it's all yours.

    Flickr: picturecorrect

    We went in January. The hotels are cheap, you can get a table everywhere without reservations, and you don't have to wait in line. The streets are virtually empty and it's such a lovely romantic vibe. Of course you'll have to bring warmer clothes because the wind can be cold, but I promise you'll enjoy that Italian coffee break even more. —Adina

    9. Brave the long flight to Australia. (It's worth it!)

    Flickr: dullhunk

    Initially, I thought Australia seemed too far to fly for a vacation. But honeymooning there was the best thing we've ever done. We loved it so much that we've been back five more times since. It's now my favorite place in the world. Not being there makes me feel like I'm homesick for somewhere I've never lived. —Kate

    10. Rent a car and roadtrip across Ireland — making sure to stop in Doolin.

    Flickr: seaviewhouse-doolin

    We drove from Dublin, to the Blarney castle, to the Cliffs of Moher, to Galway. Our favorite place of all was Doolin, about a 10-minute drive from the cliffs. The town was adorable, quiet, and extremely quaint. The people were lovely and we had some great Irish pub food. We talk about how much we miss Doolin all the time." —Hollie

    11. Experience the picturesque Seychelles, a group of islands off the east coast of Africa.

    Flickr: lorfed

    We stayed at a gorgeous resort on Mahe Island, practiced yoga on the beach, enjoyed street food at a nearby festival, and every morning had delicious a open-air breakfast buffet. We also took some excursions to the neighboring smaller islands and I got to see 100+-year old tortoises having sex, which was both hilarious and sad. —SuperJo

    12. Take your pick between Quebec City and Tadoussac in Canada. (Or better yet, visit both!)

    Flickr: ronan_jouve

    Quebec City is romantic no matter what you do: stroll the winding streets, eat at every restaurant, or explore Mt. Morency Falls. Tadoussac is a quaint village with beautiful scenery right outside a stunning national park, and it has some of the best whale watching anywhere. You can bike, hike, camp, canoe, kayak, or just stay in the historic hotel or one of the lovely B&Bs for a relaxing getaway. —Ken

    13. Walk the white pebble beaches of Brac, an island just off the Croatian coast.

    Flickr: nsavch

    It was beautiful and just out of season when we went, so it was very quiet and peaceful. Lots of walks, bike rides exploring the island, and getting lost! —Hannah

    14. Take in the sights, sounds, and architecture of Prague in the Czech Republic.

    Flickr: pedrosz

    Prague is amazing. It's incredibly romantic and has so many beautiful medieval buildings and gothic bridges. It's breathtaking to see the sights with someone you love. —GigiMomster

    15. Pop some bubbly in a beachfront bungalow in Bora Bora.


    My husband and I checked Bora Bora off our bucket list for our honeymoon! It was the most beautiful place we have ever experienced. A favorite adventure of ours was jet skiing across all the different shades of blue the island has to offer, but the best memories were probably made in our bungalow overlooking the water and sipping champagne! —Taylor

    16. Learn how to cook incredible local cuisine in Tepoztlán, Mexico.

    Flickr: vastlk

    Located just one hour south of Mexico City, it was our opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and find time to truly be with each other. Not only did we have a wonderful view of Tepozteco Mountain, but we met like-minded travelers who were excited to learn about authentic Mexican cooking, cuisine, and culture. — Jennifer Martin-Melgarejo

    17. Get lost — in the best way possible — in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Flickr: whoisthatfreakwiththecamera, Aleksandr P. Thibaudeau

    Recommended? Shark diving and safaris. —Matt

    18. Relax and unwind on Turtle Island in Fiji.


    It was the most amazing week of our lives! This is the photo from our bura. There are only 12 buras — for a maximum limit of 24 visitors at a time. Talk about exclusivity! —Jenn

    19. Sneak a peek at Komodo dragons on Flores Island, Indonesia.

    Flickr: 52442953@N05, Flickr: harriotc

    We explored the Komodo National Park to see the Komodo dragons. We stayed for five nights at Seraya Resort, and took boat trips to hike and snorkle around the neighboring islands. It was all blue sky, blue sea, and prehistoric views. —Sartorials

    20. Or try the one-two combo of Budapest, Hungary and Split, Croatia.

    Flickr: 147875252@N02

    We explored Budapest for a couple days then and then rented a car to drive down to the coastal gem of Split, Croatia — making stops in small villages along the way. I loved Budapest and my husband fell in love with Split. Couldn't imagine a better honeymoon than these two cities with such incredible history and character. —Karis

    21. Set sail on a cruise to the Bahamas.

    Flickr: 26345438@N08

    We ate everything in sight, drank endless piña coladas and banana daiquiris, and enjoyed the beauty of the islands at every stop. It truly was the best experience. You really get taken care of when on a cruise and we didn't have to once lift a finger. It was all just pure relaxation under the warm sun. —Pamela

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    What's the best international trip you've ever taken? Tell us in the comments below!

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