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    26 Fresh & Bold Color Ideas For Anyone Bored With Their Hair

    From sneakily subtle to bright and bold.

    Thinking of switching up your hair this summer?

    Whether you're going for low-key underlights, dip-dyed ends, or super bold unicorn hair — here are some colorful ideas to help inspire your next change.

    1. Platinum peach:

    2. A hint of purple:

    3. Triple-toned pink:

    4. Peach + auburn blend:

    5. Unapologetically icy:

    6. Short and sweet:

    7. Dip-dyed lavender:

    8. So fresh and so green:

    9. Just the bangs:

    10. Pops of turquoise:

    11. A hint of pink:

    12. Tri-color fade:

    13. Dusty lavender:

    14. Pixie mermaid:

    15. Powder blue:

    16. Split decision:

    17. Hidden rainbow:

    18. Jewel-toned underlights:

    19. The bolder, the better:

    20. Cotton candy crop:

    21. Splash of red:

    22. Stormy gray:

    23. Hints of orange:

    24. Watercolor swirls:

    25. Cherry raspberry:

    26. Bubble pastels: