18 Practical Baby Products That Are Actually Worth It

    Here's the stuff I wish I'd known about sooner.

    Hi! I'm Melissa, and this is my little beb.

    As I've learned in my first year of parenthood, new babies come along with a loooot of stuff. And it can be hard to figure out what's actually worth it — and what's not.

    To help sort through, I rounded up some of my favorite super-practical baby products, or the stuff I keep coming back to. They're all items that save me time, money, sanity, or (ideally!) all of the above.

    1. A waterfall rinser that cups up against your baby's head and helps you avoid the biggest problem at bath time.

    2. A sleek and functional humidifier that's super helpful during cold season.

    3. A silicone feeding mat that suctions to the high chair or table — so your kid can't tip it over or break it.

    4. A set of sturdy non-slip stroller hooks so you can transport extra bags or baskets hands-free.

    5. A lightweight, foldable (and waterproof!) changing pad that you can use on the go.

    6. A super-thick organic balm to soothe dry or chapped skin, especially during the winter months.

    7. These smart valved pouch toppers that let you avoid the dreaded squeeze 'n' spill.

    8. These tiny storage containers, which are perfect for packing snacks to go — and not having them get crushed in transport.

    9. A first-aid kit with all the essentials — an extra toothbrush, a medicine dispenser, etc. — that you can store within reach.

    10. A silicone trainer toothbrush to help kick off the ~teething~ era.

    11. This swaddle sleep sack that turned out to be my overnight MVP.

    12. And a sleeveless version for when your baby outgrows the first one.

    13. A set of pacifier clips so you're not constantly picking up dropped ones.

    14. And a set for saving dropped sippy cups, too.

    15. A top-rated instant-read forehead thermometer so you can take your baby's temperature with the least amount of fuss.

    16. A sturdy bottle brush — with a built-in cranny cleaner and drying stand.

    17. A stocked supply of 12-hour overnight diapers, so lil' bebs can sleep through the night without incident.

    18. And these handy electrical outlet covers — for when you inevitably start childproofing.

    What's your favorite practical baby product? Let me know in the comments!