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    People Are Sharing What A Common “Picky Eater Meal” Is In Their Country, And It’s Fascinating

    Excuse me while I hide my Costco-sized box of mac 'n' cheese.

    Picky eaters! Maybe you were one. Or maybe you ARE one.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Buugybuug asked: "What recipes do picky eaters all over the world use? In the U.S., children's food is typically macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and pizza. What do kids in other countries eat?"

    Here are some of the answers — plus links to recipes if you want to try any for yourself:

    1. Japan: Omurice

    2. El Salvador: Fried Plantains and Refried Beans

    3. The Philippines: Tocino

    Tocino plated with rice and a fried egg

    4. France: Croque Monsieur

    A Croque Monsieur

    5. South Africa: Mieliepap

    6. Finland: Meatballs with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

    A plate of meatballs with gravy

    7. Korea: Gimbap

    8. Mexico: Migas

    9. Norway: Bread with Liver Paté

    10. Ecuador: Salchipapas

    A plate of salchipapas

    11. Vietnam: Congee

    A bowl of congee

    12. Egypt: Chicken Pané

    A plate of Chicken Pané

    13. Sri Lanka: Dal with Rice

    A bowl of dal with rice

    14. Australia: Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti bolognese being stirred in a pan

    15. South Africa: Chickpea Curry

    16. Korea: Kimchi Fried Rice

    A bowl of kimchi fried rice

    17. India: Rajma Chawal

    A plate of Rajma Chawal

    18. Canada: Shepherd's Pie

    19. Ireland: Potato Pancakes (Boxty)

    A plate of potato pancakes

    20. Cuba: Arroz Con Huevo Frito

    21. Netherlands: Hutspot

    22. Jamaica: Beef Patties

    A plate of Jamaican beef patties

    23. Hungary: Főzelék

    24. Israel: Ptitim (Israeli Couscous)

    A bowl of ptitim

    25. United Kingdom: Sunday Roast

    26. Belgium: Stoofvlees


    27. Spain: Croquetas

    28. China: Egg Drop Soup

    A bowl of egg drop soup

    29. Lebanon: Maqloube

    30. Argentina: Milanesas

    A plate of milanesas with fries and salad

    31. Italy: Risotto

    A bowl of risotto

    Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

    What was your favorite picky eater meal when you were a kid — or even now? Share in the comments!