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    People Are Sharing What A Common “Picky Eater Meal” Is In Their Country, And It’s Fascinating

    Excuse me while I hide my Costco-sized box of mac 'n' cheese.

    Picky eaters! Maybe you were one. Or maybe you ARE one.


    No judgment either way. 😎

    Recently, Reddit user u/Buugybuug asked: "What recipes do picky eaters all over the world use? In the U.S., children's food is typically macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and pizza. What do kids in other countries eat?"

    Here are some of the answers — plus links to recipes if you want to try any for yourself:

    1. Japan: Omurice

    "It's fried rice wrapped in an egg omelet with ketchup. A classic Japanese kids meal item." —u/greenkoalapoop

    Recipe: Omurice

    2. El Salvador: Fried Plantains and Refried Beans

    3. The Philippines: Tocino

    Tocino plated with rice and a fried egg

    "It's a type of cured meat with a sweet and savory flavor. It's often served with eggs and rice as a breakfast staple in The Philippines. You can substitute the pork for hot dogs, beef tapa (another type of cured meat), or boneless bangus (a delicious fish). Any type of fried protein, really." —u/time_significance

    Recipe: Pork Tocino

    4. France: Croque Monsieur

    A Croque Monsieur

    "It's two slices of bread with hot ham and cheese in it. Also popular: gratin dauphinois (oven-baked sliced potatoes with lots of cream), quiche lorraine, quenelles (don’t really know how to explain this one but look it up, it’s delicious), hachis parmentier (Shepherd's pie but without vegetables), crepes, duck confit, and ratatouille." —u/flyingtwig

    Recipe: Croque Monsieur

    5. South Africa: Mieliepap

    6. Finland: Meatballs with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

    A plate of meatballs with gravy

    "You can think Ikea meatballs but homemade from better ingredients." —u/kermapyllyy99

    Recipe: Finnish Meatballs

    7. Korea: Gimbap

    "I highly recommend gimbap! It looks similar to a Japanese sushi roll but there's no raw fish. Typically what goes in is rice, seasoned and sautéed veggies, fried egg, and meat of your choice. Lately, there has been a lot of American influence so I’ve also seen fusion gimbap like “hamburger gimbap” or ham and cheese.

    This may not be an everyday meal since it is work prepping all the ingredients you want to include, but it’s way easier than it looks! You don’t even need the sushi rolling mat. It’s also fun to get the kids involved asking them what foods they want to include and help constructing and rolling them up. Kind of like pizza night — just with gimbap. It’s also a fun, easy, and delicious way to add more veggies into their diet." —u/samanthamirae

    Recipe: Gimbap

    8. Mexico: Migas

    "Take a few tortillas, slice them into strips, fry them, and pour two to three beaten eggs on top. Let that cook for a minute or two, just enough for the egg to slightly set, and then stir it around a bit so it's not one giant mass. Serve and top with sour cream and salsa Valentina." —u/1moreflickeringlight

    Recipe: Migas with Green Chiles

    9. Norway: Bread with Liver Paté

    10. Ecuador: Salchipapas

    A plate of salchipapas

    "When I lived in Ecuador as a kid, pretty much all I ate was salchipapas. It’s French fries with cut up hot dogs in it. Also popular in Colombia and Peru. Soooo good." —u/jebidiah95

    Recipe: Salchipapas

    11. Vietnam: Congee

    A bowl of congee

    "Congee is a popular food for Vietnamese kids but adults eat congee too, so there's really no concept of 'kids food' — except for liquid baby food. I grew up in Vietnam and as soon as I could chew properly, I just ate all the same food as the adults in my family." —u/lefrench75

    Recipe: Chicken Congee

    12. Egypt: Chicken Pané

    A plate of Chicken Pané

    "It's a filet of chicken breast breaded and fried. To trick your kids into eating veggies alongside, you'd make them zucchini béchamel: imagine a lasagna but substitute the lasagna sheets for grilled long slices of zucchini. Tastes delicious actually, I loved it as a kid." —u/holyammo

    Recipe: Chicken Pané

    13. Sri Lanka: Dal with Rice

    A bowl of dal with rice

    "Rice and masoor (red) lentils, onions, salt, pepper, turmeric powder, asafetida, all cooked in water until it makes a thick homogenous paste —u/[deleted]

    Recipe: Masoor Lentil Dal with Rice

    14. Australia: Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti bolognese being stirred in a pan

    "Australian here. When I made spaghetti bolognese for my stepkids, who didn't like vegetables, I would finely chop broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower and whatever vegetable I had in the fridge. They had no idea." —u/sunsetsoiree

    "Besides spaghetti bolognese, my picky eater also likes Jamie Oliver's hidden veggie sauce. I use it for pizza (obvs) but also pasta or anything that needs a tomato based sauce to boost the veg. I’m all about hiding the veg!" —u/cmac6470

    Recipe: Spaghetti Bolognese

    15. South Africa: Chickpea Curry

    "Like chickpea, butterbean or cauliflower curries with coconut milk." —u/mrsgrayjohn

    Recipe: Chickpea Curry

    16. Korea: Kimchi Fried Rice

    A bowl of kimchi fried rice

    "In Korea, kids usually eat kimchi fried rice, kimchi soup with rice, and spicy stir-fried Korean rice cake (tteokbokki)." —u/bassguy69420

    Recipe: Kimchi Fried Rice

    17. India: Rajma Chawal

    A plate of Rajma Chawal

    "It's basically black kidney beans and rice. You can adjust the seasoning. It's so good." —u/metallicafan06

    Recipe: Rajma Chawal

    18. Canada: Shepherd's Pie

    19. Ireland: Potato Pancakes (Boxty)

    A plate of potato pancakes

    "Often made of leftover mashed potatoes and some flour. We’d have them with eggs and bacon. Not the healthiest but I used to really love it!" —u/fionnnnnnnn

    Recipe: Irish Potato Pancakes (Boxty)

    20. Cuba: Arroz Con Huevo Frito

    "White rice, fried egg on top, good squirt of ketchup on all of it. It's what I make when I don't really feel like cooking, though I'm willing to wait 20 minutes for rice." —2muchcaffeine4u

    "The pinnacle of Cuban comfort food." —u/revolutionaryyam942

    Recipe: Arroz La Cubana / Arroz Con Huevo Frito

    21. Netherlands: Hutspot

    22. Jamaica: Beef Patties

    A plate of Jamaican beef patties

    "Meat patties or meat-filled pastries. Also, mackerel in tomato sauce with rice, and canned corned beef cooked in a pan with tomato sauce on rice, or mixed with mayo on hard dough bread." —u/saltporksuit

    Recipe: Jamaican Beef Patties

    23. Hungary: Főzelék

    24. Israel: Ptitim (Israeli Couscous)

    A bowl of ptitim / Via

    "Israeli couscous is usually seen as a classic kids food. It's said kids are grown up when they start to prefer tahina over ketchup with their food." —u/rbrduk

    Recipe: Ptitim (Israeli Couscous)

    25. United Kingdom: Sunday Roast

    26. Belgium: Stoofvlees


    "It's essentially a meat and beer stew. It's eaten with french fries and apple sauce." —u/kuu_delka
    Recipe: Stoofvlees

    27. Spain: Croquetas

    28. China: Egg Drop Soup

    A bowl of egg drop soup

    "My 2-year-old niece usually eats noodles with egg drop soup. Another common thing on family tables in China is “fried meals”, “fried in Chinese way”, a.k.a. “炒”. So kids eat 炒 food with rice or Mantou (Chinese bread)." —u/qian_yang

    Recipe: Egg Drop Soup

    29. Lebanon: Maqloube

    30. Argentina: Milanesas

    A plate of milanesas with fries and salad

    "It's breaded thin meat (with beef or chicken) and you either shallow fry it or bake it. I think most kids love milanesas, and if you bake them it can be a healthy meal. We serve it with mashed potatoes." —u/art3mic

    Recipe: Milanesas

    31. Italy: Risotto

    A bowl of risotto

    "I'm from Northern Italy so I make a lot of risotto; my daughter loves it. She'll eat any veg if it's in a risotto. She loves it with fennel, or zucchini, or celery root, or peas. I occasionally also make it with pear and blue cheese — so good.

    And all things pasta. Pesto is her favourite, which I always find amusing as it's green and quite complex flavour IMO. I always add extra veg to it, either zucchini, or green beans, or peas. Always a winner." —u/charliebobo82

    Recipe: Classic Risotto

    Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.

    What was your favorite picky eater meal when you were a kid — or even now? Share in the comments!