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People On Reddit Are Obsessed With This Peanut Butter Bread Recipe From The 1930s

You don't need yeast and it's basically impossible to mess up.

By now, we're several weeks into quarantine and social distancing — and that includes a lot of cooking at home.

Yes, cocktails count. 🙃

On the baking side, bread recipes are all over, especially sourdough and banana.

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But a quick scroll through Reddit shows there's a THIRD bread everyone seems to be making right now...


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Now, a few cool things about this bread...

1) It’s a Great Depression–era recipe from a cookbook published in 1932.

Super old school! The recipe has been floating around the internet for a bit, but it makes sense that it's basically gone Reddit-viral in recent days.

2) You only need a few things to make it.


All basic, non-fancy stuff: flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, and peanut butter. (And a pinch of salt!)

3) It's legitimately EASY. (Unlike, say, sourdough.)

It's ready in about an hour and the recipe is flexible. Either keep it simple with the original peanut butter batter — or add extras if you want. (Like chocolate chips, or other ideas below.)

With that in mind, I wanted to try it! I gathered everything — and tossed the dry ingredients into a bowl:


Then mixed in the wet ones:


Then combined everything and scooped it into a pan:


I used extra chunky peanut butter — thus the peanuts throughout. But Redditors say this recipe works with just about any kind: smooth PB, almond butter, etc.

After an hour in the oven: BREAD WAS HAD.


And TBH? It was good 😋!! The peanut butter flavor was subtle, which surprised me at first — bc as it bakes, the PB scent is strong. (Note: Your kitchen will smell amazing.)


Other things to know: Unlike banana bread, this PB bread isn't that sweet on its own. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I liked it even more with hazelnut spread. My S.O. was into it with honey on top — and paired with coffee — for breakfast. I also think it'd be great with jam as a ~deconstructed PB&J.~

Overall: Recommend! Not an expert bread baker here, but I loved that you could make this super simple thing with mostly non-perishables — and *without* stuff that's hard to find right now, like yeast.

Reddit has several variations on the original recipe, too.

Lots of people added chocolate chips to the batter:

u/Joshbecker117 / Via

IMO, this would be really good.

Or chocolate chips *and* butterscotch chips: / Via u/screamingaardvark

Kinda like Scotcheroos!

One person made two loaves — one with PB, and one with Nutella:

u/bocolatebhipbookies / Via

Another commenter mentions trying it with cookie butter, which TBH sounds brilliant.

If you want to make PB bread, find the recipe on Reddit here — and info on variations here. (And for more vintage inspiration, check out /r/OldRecipes.)