38 Beautifully Modern Wedding Dress Ideas

    Wear what you love.

    1. This dip-dyed edition:

    2. This ~something blue~:

    3. This embroidered option:

    4. This ode to color:

    5. This light and bright version:

    6. This glittery take:

    7. This splash of red:

    8. This peek of hot pink:

    9. This casual color-blocked one:

    10. This beautifully bold number:

    11. This silk, off-white one:

    12. This coordinated pair:

    13. This floral beauty:

    14. And this one:

    15. And this one:

    16. This dreamy design:

    17. These accent sleeves:

    18. This floor-length lace:

    19. This subtle cut out:

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    20. This perfect pair:

    21. This sleek, sheer-backed jumpsuit:

    22. This vintage version:

    23. This crop-top-and-sneaker combo...

    24. And the after-party ensemble:

    25. This off-white knit:

    26. This ode to tulle:

    27. These dueling pantsuits:

    28. This bit of boho:

    29. The skirt-and-top set that's equal parts classy and casual:

    30. And this one:

    31. This December-approved dress:

    32. The gloriously gold version:

    33. And this silver one:

    34. This glitz:

    35. And this glamour:

    36. This go-big-or-go-home edition:

    Spoiler: They went big. More photos here.

    37. This 1920's-inspired duo:

    38. And this beautifully bold pair: