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24 Newborns Who Had To Share The Spotlight At Their First Photo Shoot

It takes two.

1. This tiny dreamer:

2. This pint-sized pal:

3. This gal who spent three hours on her hair this morning:

4. And this guy who admittedly partied too hard last night:

5. This little one who decided to steal a snooze next to his four-legged bodyguard:

6. And this one:

7. And this one:

8. This future fashionista:

9. This pal who will only sleep on the finest 800-count linens:

10. And this one who doesn't mind doubling up:

11. This little lady:

12. This tightly wrapped tot:

13. This gal with a penchant for pink:

14. And this one:

15. This one who believes you're never fully dressed without a pop of color:

16. And this one who is #TeamBirthdaySuit instead:

17. This little leader of the pack:

18. And this one:

19. This deep sleeper who's waiting on the world to change:

20. And this one who's just like ~hakuna matata, you guys~:

21. The one who just needs five more minutes:

22. This festive friend:

23. This knit-lover who can't wait for winter:

24. And this tiny pal who's dreaming of summer: