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20 DIY Nail Tutorials You Need To Try This Fall


1. Half Moon Mani with a French Tip Twist

2. Textured Gilded Mani

The gilded layer is stamped on with tin foil, and you can amp up the contrast by using gold and silver polishes. Directions here.

3. Easy Seasonal Stripes

4. Gradient Dots

5. Copper Leaf Starburst Mani

6. Autumn Leaves

Find the how-tos here and here.

7. Jewel Tones

8. Super Simple Spooky Nails

9. Layer-Loving Mani

10. Nude + Neon French Tips

11. Supernatural Nails

12. Fall Ombré Nails

13. Gold Feathered Manicure

14. Minimalist Nude and Metallic Mani

15. Elegant Halloween Nails

16. Two-Tone Taped Mani

Fool-proof, and works every time. Find the how-to here.

17. Water-Based Metallic Sharpie Mani

18. Flat Matte Nails

19. Harvest French Tips

20. Pumpkin Nails