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23 Truths When Food Is The Only Thing That Matters

Is it time to eat yet?

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3. You're always thinking about your next meal.

Friend: "But didn't you just eat an hour ago?"

You: "Don't you JUDGE ME"

4. And you plan ahead when necessary.

5. You have your own personal snack drawer at work.

Spoiler: It's stocked AF.

6. You know that a trip to the movies = #PurseFood.

You came prepared.

7. Actually, a trip ~anywhere~ = #PurseFood.

Just in case, you know?

8. Presents for yourself are usually edible.

9. You're very ~particular~ when it comes to your favorite orders.

10. But you can get down with variety, too.

11. You're fully aware that bread* solves all problems.

*Or cheese. Or tacos. Or s'mores.

12. You've experienced the full emotional spectrum of being hangry.

when everybody gets their food before you

13. In the past, being hangry for too long has impaired your judgement.

14. When it comes to food, others are often surprised by your power.


You go HAM on ham. Doesn't everyone?

15. You know when to stand your ground...

16. But you know when to give in, too.

Let's forgive and forget and EAT.

17. Your Instagram is almost entirely composed of food photos.

With the occasional person/puppy/palm tree thrown in, so that people don't start worrying.

18. You've overcome fobstacles in your life.

Food obstacles = no joke.

19. Some might say you're predictable.

20. And some might think you have commitment issues.

22. You just know what you want...

23. And that's FOOD.

😊 🍕

😊 🍕

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