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31 Real-Life Bridal Parties Who Nailed The Mix 'N' Match Look

Squad goals: Wedding edition.

1. This mismatched crew:

2. This ode to vintage:

3. This super vibrant set:

4. This autumnal palette:

5. This navy-and-white combo:

6. These gold accents:

7. These dreamy pastels:

8. These bold florals:

9. These off-white lace details:

10. And these colorful ones:

11. This classic color scheme:

12. And this updated one:

13. This glitzy crew:

14. And this one:

15. These blue hues:

16. These jewel tones:

17. These hints of peach and pink:

18. And these:

19. These pops of yellow:

20. This colorful crew:

21. And this one:

22. These beach lovers:

23. This aqua aesthetic:

24. This ensemble who got creative with coverups:

25. And this one who switched in skirts:

26. These flowy floor-length numbers:

27. And these short and sweet ones:

28. This classy crew:

29. And this one:

30. This mod squad:

31. And these pretty pastels: