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20 Useful Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

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6. Spill-Proof Ice Cube Tray

"The removable silicone cover prevents leakage and lets you store it on its side. It's the perfect space-saver because our freezer is always full and there's never enough flat space to put a regular tray." —iloxymorons

More info: $9.95 here.


9. Milk Frother

"Mine is from Ikea and it's super versatile. You can make frothed milk or whipped cream for homemade lattes, or use it to easily mix sugar and powders into drinks. No more big hot cocoa lumps!" —Dominika Oliver, Facebook

More info: $2.79 here.

10. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

"This thing has changed my avocado life. It easily cuts through the skin, pits the avocado, and slices it. My fiancé's mom got it for me after watching me use a knife in what she says was 'an unsafe way' to get the seed out. Anyway, it's amazing." —Kayla Murphy, Facebook

More info: $9.99 here.


12. Instant Thermometer

"My digital thermometer was my best friend when I first started cooking, and is still a dear friend now that my skills have improved. It takes all the guesswork out of serving food to friends and family and eliminates the need to overcook meats out of fear." —Nyequita Destiny Smith, Facebook

More info: $17 here.

13. Microplane Zester & Grater

"I thought microplanes were kind of a frivolous 'one-use' item — until I caved and bought one. It’s awesome! You can use it on everything from perfect citrus zest, to fresh garlic or nutmeg, to finely grated Parmesan." —mangofox

More info: $14.95 here.


19. Mandoline

"I have near nonexistent knife skills, and this cuts prep time in half. It slices through everything from apples to potatoes to zucchini with ease and I use it pretty much every day now, mostly because it’s fun and oddly satisfying." —Kristen G.

More info: $14.99 here.

20. Silicone Baking Mats

"Nonstick baking mats are fantastic, and you can use them in place of foil or parchment. They don't need to be greased, they last a long time, they're flexible, and they make cleaning a breeze. Great for baking, roasting, candy-making, and more." —mrsh810

More info: Set of two, $14 here.