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These Airport Nap Pods Are Every Tired Traveler's Dream

Each one is stocked with a bed, desk, and alarm clock. Sure beats sleeping on the baggage claim.

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Ah, yes. The ever-so-satisfying airport nap:

We'll take one just about anywhere: on seats...

Armrests be damned.


But there's got to be a better way to catch up on sleep, right?

To use? Roll up to the Napcab and fork over the hourly rate...

Then confidently enter your napping domain...

Change into your finest pajamas...

And snooze* to your heart's content.

*Or just take selfies until your plane boards. Your call.

Currently, these Napcabs are only available in Munich Airport. No word on if they'll expand to the U.S. — but until they do, we'll keep calm and nap on.

(H/T: HuffPost)