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23 Brilliant Wedding Bars From Couples Who Dared To Dream

You could serve a pristine 7-layer wedding cake ORRR you could serve whiskey and Choco Tacos.

1. A potato bar stocked with fries and tater tots:

2. A build-your-own burrito bar:

Because of COURSE Chipotle caters weddings.

3. A popsicle bar with Otter Pops and bubbly to cool down at summer weddings:

4. Or a s'mores bar with coffee and hot cocoa to warm up at winter ones:

5. Choco Tacos and cocktails:

6. Moon Pies & milk:

7. An old-fashioned soda bar:

8. A cocktail bar that Harry Potter would approve of...

9. And a candy one, too:

10. A pickle spread:

11. A biscuit bar:

12. An ode to Oreos:

13. A bacon-and-eggs breakfast buffet:

14. A pick-your-own pie platter:

15. An In 'n' Out bar:

OK so it's less of a bar, more of a truck. But it's showing up to serve ~your wildest dreams~ on ~your biggest day~, so don't complain.

16. Or a Chickfila one:

Catering > hatering.

17. A bar fully stocked with sweets:

18. A sundae station:

19. A salsa spread:

20. A donut display:

Total tower of power.

21. A DIY grilled cheese buffet:

FWIW, I make the same exact face whenever I see platters of grilled cheese.

22. A waffle station with all the fixings:

23. And a milk and cookies bar:

Stocked by mom.

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