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21 Legitimately Interesting Food Facts You Should Know

Learn something new every day, right?

1. Peaches and nectarines are essentially the same fruit.

2. McDonald's fries were cooked in beef fat until 1990.

3. Glass gem corn exists.

Harvested our first corn of this season. I’m blown away!!!

Twitter: @watermicrobe

Oklahoma farmer Carl Barnes spent years selectively breeding the colorful corn as a way to reconnect with his heritage. Now anyone can buy and plant the multicolored cobs.

4. Fruit salad trees exist too.

5. German chocolate cake didn't originate in Germany.

6. And Hawaiian pizza didn't come from Hawaii.

7. Otis Spunkmeyer is a combination of the names of football player Otis Sistrunk and popcorn maker Orville Redenbacher.

8. And Spam is a mashup of the words "spice" and "ham."

9. Most wasabi is just horseradish that's dyed green.

10. On Sesame Street, Cookie Monster's cookies are actually painted rice cakes.

11. Pineapples can take two to three years to grow.

12. In 2018, Butterfinger changed its recipe.

13. Girl Scout Cookies aren't consistent across the board.

14. Too much nutmeg can get you high.

15. Cashews grow on cashew apples.

16. Before he got famous for his cookie recipe, Wally Amos was a talent agent who discovered some pretty big names.

17. Cilantro and fresh coriander are the same thing.

18. Peppers have more vitamin C than oranges.

19. In 2018, Nabisco redesigned its iconic animal crackers box after PETA flagged it.

20. Lemons float — but limes sink.

21. A single spaghetti noodle is called a spaghetto.

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