17 Instant Pot Cheat Sheets You Should Definitely Know About

    Cook-times, conversions, and super useful shortcuts.

    1. For cook-times you can print and stick right on the fridge:

    2. Or for visual ones you can save to your phone:

    3. For a functional cook-time chart that doubles as a cutting board:

    4. Or for a magnetic version you can stick right on the IP:

    5. For eggs just the way you want them:

    6. For the right water-to-grain ratios:

    7. For at-a-glance kitchen conversions:

    8. For oven-to-IP or Crock Pot-to-IP adjustments:

    9. For all things meat:

    10. And for vegetables:

    11. For high-altitude cooking:

    12. For natural release vs. quick release highlights:

    13. For understanding the different functions:

    14. For affordable ideas when you're not sure what to make:

    15. For troubleshooting common issues:

    16. For quick and effective cleaning:

    17. And for all the little IP things — hacks, tips, tricks — that can make a big difference when you cook.

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