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8 Stunning Ice Hotels From Around The World

So chill.

1. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

The world's largest and oldest ice hotel is rebuilt every year in December, and nearly everything — from the walls, to the beds, to the glasses at the bar — is made out of the cold stuff.

2. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Saariselkä, Finland.

Flickr: visitfinland

Guests can choose between staying in log cabin, a glass igloo, or snow igloo.

3. The Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada.

Flickr: melolou

North America's only full-scale ice hotel is rebuilt every year starting in December, and it stays up through March. Each of the 44 rooms has a bed made out of a block of ice — that's then topped with a wooden base, mattress, and sleeping bag or furs for warmth.

4. The Balea Ice Hotel in Cîrţişoara, Romania‎.

Secluded in the Făgăraş Mountains of Romania, the hotel is accessible only by cable car. Also on the property? An ice restaurant, ice bar, and ice church.

Igor Marinovic /
Ovidiu Balaban /

5. Alpeniglu Igloo Village in Thale, Austria.

Facebook: Alpeniglu

More than a dozen igloos make up the snow village that's located in a ski resort in the Kitzbuehel Alps. You can stay overnight in one of them, or just explore the extensive art exhibition — which features ice sculptures carved by artists from all over the world.

6. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway.

Flickr: markbirchall / via

The theme changes every year at the Sorrisniva Igloo hotel — a 21,530 sq. ft. structure that's rebuilt each winter. On hand to keep you warm in the icy temps? Plush sleeping bags and hot tubs.

7. The Aurora Ice Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Originally envisioned as a year-round ice hotel, the original Aurora Ice Hotel was scaled down to a museum and ice bar after warm temperatures melted the first structure in 2004.

8. The SnowVillage Snow Hotel in Kittilä, Finland.

30 rooms made of ice and snow, incredibly detailed art in the walls, and an ice chapel that lets couples get hitched Frozen-style? Check, check, and check.

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