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    Here's How To Be A Little Healthier This Week

    It's easier than you think.

    1. Craving Valentine's Day sweets but trying to eat healthier? Try these easy dark chocolate + quinoa bites.

    You'll toast protein-packed quinoa on the stovetop for just a few seconds — then add it to melted chocolate, and wait for everything to set. The two-ingredient result is basically a better-for-you Krackel bar. Recipe here.

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    2. To amp up meatballs, swap breadcrumbs for oatmeal.

    3. Bookmark these charts to easily up your snack game.

    4. Try to cook with as much color as possible.

    5. Stay hydrated by DIY'ing a water bottle that helps you stay on track throughout the day.

    6. Looking for a weeknight dinner that will pretty much make itself? Try this slow cooker coconut curry.

    You can make it in a slow cooker or Instant Pot, and it makes enough for leftovers. Recipe here.

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    7. For a protein-packed fruit dip everyone will love, combine Greek yogurt + peanut butter + honey.

    The hardest part? Making sure people don't double dip. Recipe here.

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