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All Of The Food At This Restaurant Looks Like Hello Kitty

I can't decide whether this is adorable or alarming.

Hello Kitty foods aren't exactly a new thing.

You can find them on wheels...

In the air...

And just about everywhere in between.

And come June 1, you can find them at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.

It's a new restaurant in Hong Kong where it is not ~physically possible~ to have TOO much Hello Kitty with your meal.

Besides the Hello Kitty decor — lampshades, mirrors, chairs — the menu is also stacked with HK-inspired eats.

Hello Kitty dim sum? Check.

Teapots and rice platters? Yep.

Pink bottles of bubbly and HK-stamped to-go platters that are perfect for a day in the park?


And superfans think it's pretty PURR-FECT*.

Lunch, anyone?