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25 Delicious Dinners You Can Make With Ground Beef Or Turkey

Or any ground meat you have handy in the fridge.

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14. Turkey Burger with Spinach and Goat Cheese

It's true that turkey burgers can sometimes be dry and flavorless. It's also true that this one is neither of those things, thanks to goat cheese mixed directly into the patty, plus zesty dijon sauce. Get the recipe.


22. Lighter Turkey Breakfast Sandwich with Spinach and Egg

Breakfast for dinner: This recipe swaps store-bought sausage for a quick DIY version of lean turkey, spices, and a touch of applesauce for sweetness and moisture. Get the recipe.

23. Chipotle Beef and Black Bean Burrito with Fresh Salsa

For the salsa, you could spend time perfectly slicing and dicing everything just so — or you can quickly toss everything into a food processor. It'll be just as delicious, I swear. Get the recipe.

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