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22 Geeky Newborns Who Are Already Winning At Life

The force is strong and the future is bright.

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1. This future Whovian:

J Lobbins Photography /

2. This cute crew:

A. Bilger Photography /

3. This Force-ful fellow:

Staci Noel Photography /

4. This father-and-son pair:

Malia B. Photography /

5. This pint-size Pikachu:

The Sweetest Side of Mommyhood /

6. The LOTR lover:

Tavia Redburn Photography /

7. This small superhero:

Kellie Carter /

8. And this one:

Kellie Carter /

9. And this one:

Livejoy Photography /

10. And this one:

A Dimple in Time Photography /

11. And this one:

JME Portraits / Facebook: jmeportraits

12. This Pixar pal:

Blue Gate Photography /

13. This little dreamer:

Anna Marie Photography /

14. And this one:

Love The Look Photography /

15. And this one:

Chelsea Lietz Photography /

16. The little Indy:

17. This napping wizard:

Amy Cook Photos /

18. This Frozen friend:

JME Portraits / Facebook: jmeportraits

19. This Toy Story tot:

Christy Whitehead /

20. This exhausted bookworm:

Rachel Smith Photography / via Facebook: rachelsmithstudios

21. This Ninja Turtle in training:

22. And this tiny gamer guy:

Kimberly G Photography /

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