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    22 Desserts You Can Make In Five Minutes

    No excuses.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse / via

    When you combine chocolate and water in ~just the right way~, you get a beautifully rich mousse that you can slather on baked goods or use as a dip on its own. How-to video and recipe here.

    2. Very Berry Soft-Serve

    If you haven't made soft-serve in a food processor yet, now's the time. It's easy, fast, and takes just a few ingredients. (Eat it right away for a soft-serve consistency, or pop it in the freezer for a few hours for a texture closer to ice cream.) Get the recipe.

    3. Microwave Brownie in a Cup

    Because life's too short to preheat the oven. Get the recipe.

    4. Five-Minute Microwave Strawberry Cobbler

    This version uses strawberries, but any berries would work. Get the recipe.

    5. Five-Minute Caramelized Pecans

    Bonus in that your kitchen will smell like Christmas in July after you're done making the first batch. Get the recipe.

    6. No-Bake Pineapple Pie

    There's pineapple chunks in there, so this counts as a daily serving of fruit, right? Get the recipe.

    7. No-Bake Vegan Brownies

    No dairy, no time, no problem. Get the recipe.

    8. Two-Ingredient Nutella Soft-Serve

    Design by Jenny Chang / Photos by Lauren Zaser /

    Nutella edition, obvs. Get the recipe.

    9. Easy S'Mores Cups

    If you make the crust from scratch — crushed graham crackers + butter — it'll take closer to 10 minutes from start to finish. But you can halve that by swapping in whole graham cracker squares. (Because let's be real: It's all about the chocolate and marshmallows anyway.) Get the recipe.

    10. Break 'n' Bake Cookie Dough Waffle

    Tashween Ali /

    A wookie, shall we say? Get the recipe.

    11. Oreo Popcorn

    Pairs perfectly with a Netflix marathon. Get the recipe.

    12. Single-Serving Apple Crisp

    Prepped in two minutes + warmed up (and ready to eat!) in three. Get the recipe.

    13. Tiramisu Dip

    14. Cowboy Bark With Chocolate, Oreos, and Pretzels

    Fair warning that while this takes five minutes to put together, you have to wait a half hour for it to harden up again. YOU CAN DO IT. Get the recipe.

    15. Five-Minute Molten Chocolate Mug Cake

    16. Fudge-Striped Cookie S'mores

    17. Five-Minute Mint Chocolate Chip Dip

    No judgment if you skip dipping entirely and eat this by the spoonful. Get the recipe.

    18. Cookie Butter Mug Cake

    John Gara / BuzzFeed / Facebook: BuzzFeedFood

    Watch the how-to here.

    19. Banana Boats

    Bonus: No dishes to wash afterward. Get the recipe.

    20. Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake

    The secret ingredient that keeps the cake moist and ~just~ sweet enough? Applesauce. Get the recipe.

    21. No-Bake Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

    Brownie mix + peanut butter + milk. Get the recipe.

    22. Five-Minute Stovetop Chocolate Sauce

    Donut panic. Everything will be OK. Get the recipe.