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    21 Reasons Filipino Food Is The Absolute Greatest

    Let's feast.

    1. Because our breakfasts look like this:

    2. Or like this:

    3. Because we won't judge when you inhale a dozen lumpia in one sitting:

    Since that is, in fact, the proper serving size.

    Recipes here: Lumpia with shrimp | Lumpia with ground chicken

    4. Because we know there's no problem that a little garlic and vinegar can't solve:

    5. Because we know a thing or two about noodles:

    Recipe here: Pancit bihon

    6. Because we like our fish extra crispy:

    7. The same goes for pork belly:

    8. Because we've mastered the art of sweet rice:

    9. And savory rice, for that matter:

    10. Because we know that there's nothing like a hot bowl of stew or soup on a cold day:

    Recipes here: Beef Mechado | Sinigang

    11. And that kare kare cures all:

    12. Because when life gives us calamansi, we make lemonade (or whiskey cocktails):

    Lemons are so 2012 anyway.

    Recipes here: Calamansi juice | Calamansi whiskey sour

    13. Because we take snacking seriously:

    14. And we take ~stacking~ seriously:

    15. Because we're not afraid of color:

    16. Or of texture:

    17. Or of using every part of the animal:

    18. Because rice is the ultimate culinary canvas:

    19. Because we always save room for dessert:

    Banana-jackfruit lumpia and coconut-rice cake? Check and check.

    Recipes here: Turon | Bibingka

    20. Because we know that nothing compares to halo halo:

    21. And that when your meals are filled with Filipino food? Life is pretty sweet.

    Ube for president.

    Recipes here: Ube macapuno empanadas | Ube macapuno cupakes