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    This Bracelet Delivers An Electric Shock Every Time You Skip The Gym


    This is the Pavlok wristband, due out next year:

    It's a bolt-emblazoned bracelet that promises to "[turn] your resolutions into reality" by zapping you with an electric shock every time you give into a bad habit.

    How it works: You program your goals into Pavlok's smartphone app. Then you choose what happens if you don't meet them.

    Those habits might include snoozin'....

    Spending too much time on social media...

    Or skipping the gym.

    You'll assign a consequence to each, ranging from small nudges — like using vibration or sound to remind you to get back on track...

    To large penalties, like paying cash fines, or getting (quite literally) jolted:

    The latter may sound crazy, but according to Pavlok's CEO Maneesh Sethi: "Sometimes crazy works."