21 Everyday Makeup Hacks That Actually Work (Plus 3 That Don't)

    It's the little things, you know?

    1. Make your lipstick stay on all day with a tissue + translucent powder.

    2. Use Vaseline around your nails to catch any stray paint.

    3. Also, use Vaseline to prevent your nail polish cap from drying shut.

    4. To make DIY tinted moisturizer, mix equal parts of your daily moisturizer + your foundation.

    5. If you have monolids, apply eyeshadow upwards, not outwards.

    6. A towel rack can double as a temporary drying station for makeup brushes.

    7. A microfiber sock can work in place of a Beauty Blender.

    8. Blend lipliner toward the center of your lips to help prevent harsh lines from being left behind.

    9. Dry, patchy skin? Prevent makeup from collecting in flaky spots by adding a few drops of face oil directly to foundation.

    10. Test foundation on your neck (not your arm) for a more accurate match.

    11. Fake a fan brush with just one bobby pin.

    12. For more effective coverage, apply undereye concealer in a triangle shape — instead of in small dots.

    13. Buy travel-size mascara instead of full-size. For some brands, you'll actually save money in the long run.

    14. Map out your eyebrows with three simple measurements.

    15. And nail an easy, no-fuss contour by memorizing these four spots.

    16. Blast your eyelash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds before using for a more effective curl.

    17. The key to perfect winged liquid liner? Scotch tape.

    18. Spray hairspray on a clean spoolie (or an upcycled mascara wand) to keep full brows in check.

    19. Want the staying power of a lip stain without the intensity? Apply a stain as the first step of your makeup routine — then wipe it off at the end, and top with balm.

    20. Toilet seat covers can double as oil blotting sheets in a pinch.

    21. Brush your lips as the last step of your morning toothbrushing routine — it'll be the perfect quick exfoliator before you apply lipstick or gloss.

    Plus, a few hacks that DIDN'T work for us at all:

    22. Making a DIY setting spray of aloe vera gel + witch hazel — a Pinterest favorite — isn't worth it.

    23. The two-for-one of applying eyeliner directly to your eyelash curler is a waste of time. (And makeup!)

    24. Vinegar and lemon doesn't work in place of nail polish remover.