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17 Boozy Crock Pot Cocktails

Crocktails, anyone?

1. Rum Caramel Apple Punch

Bonus points if you garnish with a caramel apple pop. Get the recipe.

2. Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

3. Nutella Hot Chocolate with Bourbon

4. Glühwein

5. Adult Hot Cider

6. Andes Mint Hotchata

See that dog in the background? That dog is all of us when we're waiting for our next drink. Get the recipe.

7. Cranberry Orange Mulled Wine

8. Crock Pot Hot Buttered Rum

9. Crock Pot Cranberry Cider

10. Homemade Wassail with Brandy

TANG ALERT. Get the recipe.

11. Apple Cider Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail

12. Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

Cozy AF. Get the recipe.

13. Cinnamon Pumpkin Toddy

14. Slow Cooker Kahlua Coffee

15. Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine

16. Slow Cooker Coconut Hot Chocolate

This version is non-alcoholic, but ~you do you~. 😎Get the recipe.

17. Cranberry Apple Crock Pot Sangria

For more drink ideas, check out the Warm Cocktails board on Pinterest.