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29 Newborns Who Really Nailed Their First Photo Shoot

(Born) ready for their close-up.

1. This sleeping beauty:

2. And this one:

3. And this one:

4. This pool shark:

5. This small strummer:

6. This perfect pair:

7. And this one:

8. This little princess:

9. This cowboy crew:

10. This tiny wizard:

11. And this one:

Sarah Murphy Photography via

12. And this (tired!) one:

13. This on-the-go gal:

14. This future quarterback:

15. And this one:

16. And this one:

17. This friendly monster:

18. This tiny patriot:

19. This bookworm:

Rachel Smith Photography via Facebook: rachelsmithstudios

20. This center forward:

21. This future slugger:

22. This pint-size firefighter:

23. This flower child:

24. This inseparable duo:

25. Or this one:

26. This camo connoisseur:

27. This little dreamer:

28. This mini guy who's on his way Up:

29. And this impossibly happy pal:

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