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    Here's What Costco Food Courts Serve Overseas Compared With The US

    I'm fascinated by this, tbh.

    If you're a fellow Costco lover, I don't even need to tell you that their food court is basically the best deal in town.

    But as the BuzzFeed Community points out, many Costco food courts have small (but interesting!) differences in what they serve — both regionally within the US, and globally at their locations in France, Japan, and elsewhere.

    So let's take a look! In the US, beyond the basic hot dogs and pizza you can find at just about every Costco food court...

    1. There are $1 churros in places like Texas and Tennessee.

    2. Acai bowls on the West Coast.

    3. Cold brew in Southern California.

    4. Vegan al pastor salad in the Bay Area.

    5. Some locations have cheeseburgers — though they're made one of two ways, depending on where you are.

    6. Some items are seasonal — like chili in the cooler months in parts of the South and Midwest.

    7. If you're lucky, your Costco has chili AND fries — and you can combine them.

    8. Speaking of fries, Canadian Costco food courts obviously serve poutine.

    9. Plus buckets of chicken wings.

    10. Now let's talk international! ✈️ You can get poutine at Costco France, too. (Although, tbh, I'd prob swing over to the bakery section and grab a platter of chocolate crepes, too.)

    11. At Costco Taiwan, you can order things like a fried chicken sandwich, lemon slushie, seafood pizza, and a bulgogi bake.

    12. I repeat: a bulgogi bake!! 😋

    13. For dessert? Matcha soft serve with boba.

    14. At Costco Japan, you'll find strawberry soft serve.

    15. And grab-and-go sushi platters.

    16. And even margherita pizza and iced lattes.

    17. In Korea and Japan, it's also worth detouring to the bakery for strawberry cake.

    18. At some Costcos in Mexico, you can find torta de bacalao in the food court.

    19. They have icy mango smoothies and al pastor pizza, too.

    20. Over in the UK, you'll find several flavors of gelato on the menu — plus cottage pie and jacket potatoes.

    21. Here's the jacket potato.

    22. On to Costco Australia! They've got a fried chicken sandwich, a beef brisket sandwich, and clam chowder in a bread bowl.

    23. Last stop? The only Costco in Iceland — which actually has a menu similar to the typical US one — with mango smoothies and gelato thrown in.

    Is there anything unique at your local Costco? Share in the comments!