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    17 Cheat Sheets Every Home Cook Should Know About

    From baking hacks, to perfect pastas, to slow cooker shortcuts.

    1. For pasta night:

    2. For Meatless Monday:

    3. For quick conversions:

    4. For figuring out the Instant Pot:

    5. For easy chicken dinners:

    6. For Crock Pot connoisseurs:

    7. For switching up your salads:

    8. And for making foolproof dressings:

    9. For all things meat:

    10. For pantry problems:

    11. For eggcellent eats:

    12. For figuring out the difference between onions:

    13. For better-for-you baking swaps:

    14. For storing and cooking herbs:

    15. For distinguishing between oils:

    16. For going green:

    17. And for making those greens taste incredible: