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    This Cookie Waffle Is Everything You Need In Life


    Behold the COOKIE WAFFLE.

    Tashween Ali

    It is — as the name would suggest — part cookie, part waffle. For all of those (frequent) times when you can't decide between the two.

    To make it, all you need is:

    1) A waffle maker

    2) Pre-made cookie dough

    3) Cooking spray

    4) Hopes and dreams

    Start by greasing both halves of the waffle maker...

    Tashween Ali

    Then add several pieces of cookie dough...

    Tashween Ali

    Press each piece down lightly...

    Tashween Ali

    Until the entire surface is covered...

    Tashween Ali

    This is also the point where you'll turn the waffle maker *on*. Waiting until the surface is covered to do so will ensure even cooking on both sides.

    Let it cook for about 2 to 4 minutes...

    Tashween Ali

    Exact time will depend on the heat of your waffle maker, so check periodically to make sure it's not burning.

    Lift it out using a spatula...

    Tashween Ali

    If you have a smaller waffle maker, you can also flip it over cleanly onto a plate.

    Add the final touches:

    Tashween Ali

    Then bask in the masterpiece you've created*:

    Tashween Ali

    *And switch to your phone's actual camera so you can 'gram that glorious thing accordingly.

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