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    17 Easy And Colorful DIYs That Are Perfect For Spring

    The brighter, the better.

    1. Brighten up a white mug using tissue paper and dishwasher-safe Mod Podge.

    2. Or brighten up basic power cords with washi tape.

    More inspiration here.

    3. Use this free printable to craft a classy set of floral cutlery tags.

    4. Dip-dye ceramic pots for vibrant DIY planters.

    5. Or try gift tags customized with alphabet stamps.

    6. These Mason jars lined with floral fabric are so cute and seasonal that you'll (probably) forgive them for being Mason jars.

    You can also put battery-operated candles in them to make votives. More here.

    7. Store spring flowers in this easy two-minute vase.

    8. Spray paint and tape is all you need to dress up a barstool.

    More here.

    9. Ceramic marker + inexpensive white cups = Watercress planters.

    10. Channel your inner spring artist with these watercolor prints.

    11. Use washi tape to highlight a wall display.

    12. The easiest way to upgrade one of those cheap wire baskets? Copper spray paint.

    More here.

    13. Use old nail polish to create colorful key charms.

    Perfect for when you don't have paint handy. Directions here.

    14. Look at these floral wall sconces. Have you ever seen a classier use of white paper + glue? You have not.

    15. Sewing skills? Put them to use with the help of this step-by-step skirt tutorial:

    More here.

    16. Transform old tissue paper — the more wrinkled, the better — into pretty paper hyacinths.

    More here.

    17. Finally, grab this free iron-on printable and wear your spring veggies on your sleeve (er, tote) all season long.

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