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20 Cheap Meals That Won't Break The Bank

Full stomachs, full wallets.

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4. Upgraded Instant Ramen

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

The quickest (and tastiest) way to amp up inexpensive Top Ramen? Toss in a few strips of bacon and green onions for crunch — then add an egg on top. Get the recipe.

6. Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken

Meal prep doesn't get much easier than this: Just stock up on chicken when it's on sale, then combine with your favorite salsa in a Crock-Pot. Serve in tacos, over rice, or with greens. Get the recipe.

12. Bibimbap

Bibimbap — a Korean staple that's a mix of rice + veggies + meat + sauce — is the perfect canvas for a budget-friendly dinner. In this vegan version, pricier meat gets swapped out for mushrooms. Get the recipe.

14. Veggie Hummus Wraps

Grilled zukes are the base here — but you can use just about any veggies you have on hand. And if you don't have time to fire up the grill, sautéing them on the stove works just as well. Get the recipe.

20. Ultimate Taco Bowl

Compared to other cuts of meat, ground beef, turkey, and chicken are usually pretty affordable. And the other pantry staples here — like canned beans and corn — are budget-friendly, too. Get the recipe.

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