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    25 Gifts For People Who Only Care About Coffee

    Life is about priorities. And by priorities, I mean coffee.

    Amy Sefton / for BuzzFeed

    1. These iPhone cases that just ~get~ you:

    $31.50 here and here.

    2. This mug that doubles as a French press:

    3. These gummies that pack a full cup of cold brew:

    2 gummy cubes = 1 cup of coffee. More info here.

    4. This truthful tote:

    $19.80 here.

    5. This ultimate travel kit:

    6. This cause and effect:

    $10 here or $16 here.

    7. This ode to espresso:

    $29 here.

    8. This temporary ink:

    $5 here.

    9. This heated coaster that'll keep your coffee hot:

    10. Or these grab-n-go containers that'll instantly ice it down:

    $29.95 here, and $19.95 here.

    11. For when you want K-Cups to magically appear at your doorstep:

    Most of which are limited edition and not available on shelves. Monthly subscriptions start at $19 here.

    12. For when you want your t-shirts to do the talking:

    $24 here and here.

    13. For when you need an extra hand:

    $14 here and here.

    14. For when you can't decide between coffee or chocolate:

    The makers say each square packs the caffeine equivalent of 1/2 an espresso. More info on monthly packs here.

    15. Or coffee or tea:

    These blends mix both. $14 here.

    16. Or coffee or BOOZE:

    When in doubt, spike everything. $22 here.

    17. These rad coffee stencils:

    Instant latte art. Find Batman and Mickey Mouse sets here and here for $9.50.

    18. These mugs for every occasion:

    Find them here, here, and here.

    19. This coffeemaker that you can control from your phone:

    Brewing coffee from bed? OKAY. $109 here.

    20. This pour-over iced coffee maker:

    For that person who relentlessly drinks iced coffee year-round. (Ahem. 🙋) $39 here.

    21. For when you can never remember your to-do list:

    22. This portable espresso maker that plugs right into the lighter socket in your car:

    Your commute just got ten times more bearable. $159 here.

    23. This MASSIVE mug: / via

    Props to anyone who still needs a refill. $38 here.

    24. This decal that understands what you're really fueled by:

    Hint: It's not apples. $7 here.

    25. And this clock that knows it's ~always~ coffee time:

    Always. $30 here.