23 Buffalo Chicken Recipes You Need To Try


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1. Buffalo Chicken French Bread

Get the recipe.

2. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Topped with blue cheese or Ranch dressing. Get the recipe.

3. Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Rolls


Yes, that is string cheese. No, I am not ashamed. Get the recipe.

4. Cheesy Chicken Buffalo Skillet Dip

Get the recipe.

5. Hot Honey Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Because you shouldn’t have to decide between buffalo chicken OR pizza. Get the recipe.

8. Buffalo Hummus


Prime chicken-dipping material right here. Get the recipe.

9. Buffalo Chicken Chili

Three cheers for one-pot dinners. Get the recipe.

10. Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries

Get the recipe.

11. Buffalo Chicken, Bacon & Potato Casserole

♪ These are a few of my favorite things ♪ Get the recipe.

12. Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Side of sour cream: Mandatory. Get the recipe.

14. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lean and green. Get the recipe.

16. Homemade Buffalo Cheese Fries with Crumbled Blue Cheese and Chives

1. Pile everything onto a baking sheet. 2. Bake for 20 minutes. 3. Resist the urge to eat everything in one sitting. Get the recipe.

17. Buffalo Chicken Bites


18. Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread

I Wash You Dry / via

Let it be known that I will require a loaf of this at every future party I throw. Get the recipe.

19. Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers

Get the recipe.

21. 5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Rollups

No judgement if you want to skip the slicing and just eat these like straight-up burritos. Get the recipe.

22. Lighter Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Get the recipe.

23. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Tater Tot Casserole

I believe the scientific name for this is a YASserole.Get the recipe.

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