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23 Baking Hacks That Actually Work (And 3 That Don’t)

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1. To make extra fluffy whipped cream, chill your mixing bowl first.

2. Bake the easiest mini cakes ever with just three ingredients.

3. Use a soup can to convert a regular cake pan into a bundt pan.

4. And shrink a sheet pan with a simple strip of foil.

5. When making chocolate-flavored dough or batter, use cocoa powder — instead of regular flour — to prep countertops and pans.

6. Save this frosting cheat sheet for just about any color combo you could want.

7. Add mayo to boxed cake batter to make it even better.

8. If your cookies call for softened butter, make sure your eggs are at room temperature, too.

9. For the fudgiest brownies you've ever tasted, split the baking time.

10. Add a bit of pudding mix to your dough for softer, chewier cookies.

11. Avoid batter splatter by attaching a paper plate to your hand mixer.

(And remember: It's often easier to rotate the bowl, instead of the mixer.)

12. If you're out of buttermilk, swap in milk + a bit of vinegar.

13. Use unflavored dental floss to slice delicate baked goods without squishing them down.

14. If you overbaked your cake and now it's too dry, turn things around with DIY simple syrup.

15. And transform crumbly, over-baked cookies into a pie crust with a bit of butter.

16. When finishing pie crusts, use kitchen staples — like forks — as easy decor tools:

Spoons and tongs work too:

17. When making a layer cake, flip the top layer upside-down to get a bakery-worthy square edge.

18. Make impossibly easy no-knead bread ever with just four ingredients.

19. When using non-stick spray, coat pans over an open dishwasher door.

20. To prevent cookies from spreading too much in the oven, pop them into the freezer for 15 minutes before baking.

21. The secret to top-notch apple pie? Caramelizing the apples before the filling goes in.

22. Keep cakes from sticking to pans with a magical DIY paste.

23. And to boost flavor, always sprinkle chocolate chip cookies with a bit of flaky sea salt before baking.

ALSO! Here are a few baking hacks that aren't worth your time:

1. Placing cold butter under a warm bowl or glass *won't* perfectly soften it ASAP.

2. You technically *can* make cake with boxed mix + soda. (But that doesn't mean you should!)

3. A box grater won't save burnt cookies.

What's the best (or worst) baking hack you know? Share in the comments!

Update: The externally-sourced infographic in #6 has been modified to remove an exclusionary descriptor that BuzzFeed does not agree with.