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Sep 19, 2015

This Might Just Be The Ultimate Newborn Photo Shoot

Baby Brydon and his family's nine puppies were all born on the same day.

This is baby Brydon.

Teresa Raczynski /

And this is his family's set of newborn puppies.

Teresa Raczynski /

The entire California crew — little Brydon + the litter of nine pals — were born on the exact same day this past summer.

Teresa Raczynski /

Mom Kami told ABC News that the family's dog, Delia, was supposed to have puppies two days before Kami's own due date — but that timing would ultimately have it otherwise. "While at the hospital, my dad called to let us know that Delia had started having puppies," Kami said.

When the group were only six days old, photographer Teresa Raczynski of Park Avenue Photography snapped these photos for the family.

Teresa Raczynski /

"It was super fun," Raczynski told BuzzFeed Life of the shoot. She said both Brydon and the puppies nearly slept through the entire thing — until the last few moments when Brydon woke up, surrounded by his new four-legged pals.

"I thought, let's have him hug one and see what happens," said Raczynski. "Sure enough, he looked right at me — which made for an adorable shot."

Teresa Raczynski /

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