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Here's Alton Brown's Trick For Cooking Pasta Perfectly

Works every time.

Food-wise: Is there anything better than a perfect heaping bowl of pasta?


(NOOOPE. There is not.)



But according to TV host, author, and all-around ~expert eater~ Alton Brown, there's a way to prepare the stuff that's better than the rest.

His trick for perfect pasta? Skipping the typical huge pot of boiling water.


And swapping in (just enough!) cold water instead.

We caught up with Alton recently and he explained his go-to method.

"I now very much prefer the texture of pasta when it’s cooked in a little bit of cold water," he told BuzzFeed Food. "Add your pasta to a pot, then pour in just enough cold water to cover the noodles."

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When the water boils, turn the heat down from medium high to a simmer. Then cook β€” stirring occasionally β€” for about 4 1/2 minutes, or until the texture is to your liking.

According to Alton, this works for any type of dry pasta. You just want to make sure to use a large enough pot with longer strands (like spaghetti or linguine) so the water can cover the noodles.

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And, even better? This method gets the pasta from pot to plate quicker β€” because there's no more waiting for the huge pot of water to boil upfront.


For more on Alton, find our full Q&A with him here.

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