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    25 Gifts For The Ultimate Wine Lover In Your Life

    AKA: YOU.

    1. For when you want your tees to do the talking:

    $24 and $21, here and here.

    2. For when you want a ~pouch~ that'll sneak perfectly into your purse:

    3. For when you want to ditch the glassware:

    $13 here, and $14 here.

    4. For when you want to talk with your hands:

    5. For when you're nerding out:

    $9 here, and here.

    6. For when you want the aerator built right into the glass:

    7. For when you're...jogging?

    8. For when you're not sure what time it is:

    9. For when you're on the go:

    10. For when you need some (temporary) ink:

    Set of 2, $3 here.

    11. For the ultimate game of wine pong:

    12. For when you need to combat ~wine teeth~:

    13. For when you want to wear your wine on your (phone) sleeve:

    $35 here and here.

    14. For those times when you're two bottles deep:

    Me, spill? NOPE. $52, here.

    15. For when you want to make a New Year's resolution that you'll actually keep:

    I believe in you. $18 here and $26 here.

    16. For glorious baths:

    17. And showers:

    18. For your next backpacking trip:

    19. For when you can't decide between wine and coffee:

    20. For when you want that ~eau de wine~ to take over your space:

    In the classiest way possible, of course. $9 and $28, here.

    21. For when you're taking a page from Linda:

    22. Or from the Force:

    $30 here, and $40 (set of 2) here.

    23. For when you want wine to magically appear on your doorstep:

    24. For when you want to save the planet:

    25. And for when you've got ~no worries~: