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Everything's Bigger In Texas Including This 99-Pack Of Beer

Take one down, pass it around.

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Behold Austin Beerworks' 99-pack of beer, which hit select shelves in the Texas city earlier this week:

Priced at $99, it's seven feet long, weighs 82 pounds, and was created to promote the brewery's Peacemaker Anytime Ale.

Predictably, all 20 packs in the first run sold out within a day — but the brewery says they plan to make more.

Those who got their hands on a case took to Instagram to show off its many functions — like the fact that it can double as a barbell:

Or a make-shift divider for your ping-pong table:

Or a body pillow for your inevitable sidewalk nap:

It can also provide crucial lower back support:

Or head support, for that matter:

But one thing it can't do?

Fit entirely in the back seat of your car.

Ah, well. Cheers anyway!

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