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Here Are 20 Meals You Can Make In 20 Minutes

So you can spend way less time in the kitchen.

1. Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

2. 15-Minute Beef With Broccoli

Tastier (and faster) than takeout. Get the recipe.

3. Pasta With Pesto, Grape Tomatoes, & Parmesan

4. Homemade Burgers With Easy Mushroom Pan Sauce

The mushrooms cook down in a simple sauce of butter, beef broth, rosemary, and garlic. Get the recipe.

5. Spicy Sriracha Ramen Bowl

6. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tacos

The key to the chicken is coating it in Jamaican jerk seasoning — a quick mix of salt, sugar, pepper, and a handful of other spices you likely already have in your kitchen. Get the recipe.

7. Green Goddess Bowl With Zucchini, Edamame, & Kale

8. Caramelized Salmon

#CaramelizeEverything2015. Get the recipe.

9. Skillet Chicken & Spinach Parmesan

Done in 20 minutes thanks to store-bought sauce — but feel free to sub in your favorite homemade version. Get the recipe.

10. Lemon Pesto Penne With Broccoli and Feta

11. 15-Minute Fried Rice

Pairs perfectly with a House of Cards marathon, just saying. Get the recipe.

12. Fish Taco Bowls

13. Shrimp & Guacamole Tostadas

Or, don't bake the tortillas and just serve these as tacos. Get the recipe.

14. 15-Minute Lo Mein

15. Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

Depending on how fancy you want to get with toppings (hi, perfectly sliced red onions), this could take you a little longer than 20 minutes. But also: It's PIZZA so don't complain. Recipe here.

16. Easy Shrimp & Asparagus Stir Fry With Lemon Sauce

17. One-Pan Tuscan Pork Chops

18. Garden Vegetable French Bread Pizza

The sautéed veggies are also great over rice. Get the recipe.

19. 20-Minute Turkey Chili With Black Beans and Corn

20. One-Pot Spinach and Pea Pasta

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