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15 Time One Direction's History Music Video Hit You Right In The Feels

This is not the end.

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1. When they reminded us of where it all began.

2. When they made you wish you were a teddy bear.

3. When they showed us this adorable moment.

4. When Niall wore these glasses and made you want to rip your eyes out.

5. This Ziall moment.

6. and this Zouis moment.

7. and basically every other time they showed Zayn.

8. When Niall seemed to have forgotten that he was supposed to put his arm around Harry.

9. This adorable Narry moment.

10. And this one.

11. When they reminded us of the good old days of onsies and Liam's floppy hair.

12. And we can't forget about this Niam moment.

13. When they all simultaneously looked gorgeous.

14. When they blessed us with this quick clip of Liam and Harry.

15. When they all walked away and you thought you were going to explode.

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