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    21 Independent Nail Polish Brands You Should Know (And Try)!

    We all know the brands we see in the drug store, but there are a ton on independent nail polish brands that have so much more to offer. Most are 3 or 5-free. Check them out and add them to your collection!

    Painted Polish by Lexi / Via Facebook: paintedpolish

    Specializing in some AMAZING glitter polishes!


    Instagram: @lacquerloon / Via

    Who doesn't love a good teal?

    Polish 'M

    Instagram: @thepolishedokie / Via

    Look at that pink, sparkly goodness!

    Fancy Gloss / Via

    Black polish with lots of gold shimmer.

    Dollish Polish

    Instagram: @ermahgerdperlish / Via

    Reminiscent of a cold winter snow...

    Polish Addict Nail Color

    Instagram: @colorsplashnails / Via

    A holographic top coat? Yes please!

    Love, Angeline Polish

    Instagram: @lacquerloon / Via

    Gorgeous crelly with lots of glitters!

    LynB Designs / Via

    Downton Abbey themed polish; foiled charcoal linear holographic.

    EmilydeMolly / Via

    Get lost in that blue jelly ocean...

    Pretty Jelly / Via

    Look at that gorgeous holographic red!

    I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

    Instagram: @xoxoalexisleigh / Via

    Who wouldn't love that gorgeous dark purple?

    Exotic Lacquers

    Instagram: @polishedbyjess / Via

    Color changing (thermal) nail polish!

    Picture Polish / Via

    What a gorgeous shade of blue.

    F.U.N Lacquer

    Instagram: @u_nona / Via

    There is no such thing as too much glitter.

    Doctor Lacquer

    Instagram: @lusterlacquer / Via

    Multi-color flakies you need to have.

    Bliss Polish / Via

    Pastels never get old!

    Different Dimension Polish / Via

    Nothing sparkles like gold and silver!

    Powder Perfect

    Instagram: @bettinanails / Via

    Every woman needs a good lime green sparkle!

    Liquid Sky Lacquer

    Instagram: @nerd4nails / Via

    Another color changing thermal polish. Look at those colors!

    Glam Polish

    Instagram: @bettinanails / Via

    Textured coral polish with glitter is a must-have!

    Serum No. 5

    Instagram: @lacquerloon / Via

    White and gold is always stunning.