Melissa C.
I am me...I am a mother, daughter and sister, sinner and angel of mercy. I can be your best friend, and I can kill you with a look. I make no excuses for who I am...I am just me. And if you don't like it, than go take a long walk off a very sho...
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    • Melissa C.

      The blame goes all the way around people. First off, personally I feel that the costume was in bad taste. Just like the Suicide Bomber Costumes that were such a “rage” a few years back. That is neither here nor there. Chick is old enough to know better than to post her info on the web that way, or maybe not as she has proven. She was STUPID enough to post the pic on TWITTER while she was standing in her CUBICAL AT work! So it should not have come as a HUGE shock that she has lost her job, and with that her reputation. The really sad thing is she doesn’t even have the sense to understand that once that is GONE it takes an act of G-D to get it back!! However the people that are now dishing out the death and personal injury threats against her and her family are now liable for legal action. It is NEVER legal to threaten someone with bodily harm, for any reason. So I hope that the “good” people that felt the need to threaten her family and threaten her with bodily harm feel REALLY GOOD when they are being slapped with handcuffs and lawsuits. In the end, they are no better than she is, and just as stupid. So in the end, stupid is as stupid does.

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