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Trendy Ways To Promote Your Travel Blog/Vlog This Summer

Whether it is your hobby or professional activity, running a travel blog requires a certain amount of time and technical skills. Travel blogging has lately become a crowded niche as everybody wants to get paid while traveling the world.

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So, if you have decided to start a travel blog or travel video channel and even created some great content, let’s focus on the promotion - or how to encourage thousands of travelers to visit your blog every month.

Trends for promoting your travel blog


Even knowing nothing about building and promoting websites there are several tips that will help you to succeed as a travel blogger and promote your video content. Here, we’ve rounded up the trends for promoting your travel blog.

1.Build your network via social media. Find and participate in different travel blogging groups on social media. There are thousands of bloggers who are active members of different travel pages as this is a great place to find partnerships, discover guest blogging opportunities and exchange experience.

2.Contribute to the top blogs in your niche. If your main goal is to reach a new audience, you have to find different websites which are most frequently visited by travelers. Such communities as Travel Blog Exchange, Travel Writers Exchange or TravelMassive are all good to share your content. Another good option is a guest blogging for travel businesses or travel media which are always looking for unique and interesting content. Make sure that your blog posts are of high quality to capture some of the audience of this particular media.

3.News sharing websites. Make use of such platforms like Reddit and other news sharing websites. Such websites allow you to post links to videos, blog posts, or whatever you want to promote within different subcategories. If your post is good, then people can vote it up and comment on it. Pick a catchy headline so that readers will click on it and view. Depending on the quality of your content, the more people click on a link, the higher your post will go in the list and bring you more traffic.

How to Build Influence with Travel Vlog


If you are a daily travel vlogger, we have three questions to go through to improve the content and promote your vlog.

1. How is your vlog different from everything else on Youtube?

Ultimately, being unique and standing out is difficult, you can feel it as Youtube is crowded with thousands of travel footages and vlogs. Think about how you can differ from another travel vlogger. You don’t want to be a fake person and vlogging about things that you think people want to watch or doing it to get views.

2. What trends can you take advantage of?

Think about how can you discover and leverage trends. A good example of travel video content is to vlog as frequently as possible about trendy topics such as summer destinations for ecotourism or so-called “transformational travel” which has become a travel trend of 2017. Select something that you can jump on and potentially get some views. Moreover, it could be something that you can include in your title or a thumbnail of a viral video that is happening. If there is something popular that you know people are interested in, they might be more inclined to watch your vlog. Incorporating such trends can give an instant popularity to your video.

3. Who are your collaborators?

This is the last question to ask yourself, as it’s pretty well-known that collaborations are probably the best way to grow your Youtube audience to get more views and reach new people. Think outside of the box and don’t constantly chase your dream people that you want to collaborate with, but also find influencers anywhere, from fashion blog to travel agency, big or small, local or international. Reaching just one new audience member or one new subscriber is what it takes to continually grow your channel.

Although creating and maintaining travel blog can be time-consuming and requires you to work in a highly competitive niche, don’t rush and create something that will last. Remember that writing an article or making a video about your recent trip just a beginning of your blogging story.

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